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street music

i hear the rush of the bus 

the lines and wines of the city streets 

car horn and men selling  popcorn 

and beats that make me want to move my feet

i hear freestyles  that make me smile

and everyone walks to there own beat




Why do people hate Barack Obama?

  • Probably one of the reasons for his dislike is the bad economy, which affects many people.
  • People expect fast results, which is unrealistic. History shows us that generally during bad times, the president in power usually has bad and lower approval rating. It’s true that the president has power to do things, but the US has 3 branches of government for a reason. People should know by now that there many things the president cannot do without the approval of Congress.
  • Americans hate Obama because they don’t believe in what he stands for, his views on big government, universal healthcare etc… Plus many view him to be a socialist anti-American,always apologizing for the country he represents.
  • Some People hate Barack Obama because they cannot accept the reality that they have a black President, despite his intelligence, education, and articulateness.
  • I don’t think it is his color (that may have even helped him get elected) either but how people think he was raised his dad was a Muslim but his mom is from the U.S.A. and he went to the country his dad was from but he was 4 he hasn’t seen his dad since he was 2 and he says he is not a Muslim but his dad was. He also has that questionable birth certificate from Hawaii.i think people need to get their facts straight and do some research on Barack and his family background
  • Certain politicians and members of the media have embarked on a campaign to denigrate him, even to the point of saying that he is not a native-born American, and, therefore, was not eligible to be President.
  • In my opinion, this is mean-spiritedness. He is our President, and should be permitted to use his four-year term to lead America the way that a President does. If his policies and leadership do not please Americans, we can vote, next time, differently.
  • Instead, they have derided everything about him, from the day he was elected, even before he took office. They did the same thing when Bill Clinton was elected. It is shameful, and, despite our constitutional right of Freedom of Speech, completely negative, unproductive, and unpatriotic.

copied from wiki answers 






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